Dalliances - Liz Hilton

So let me tell you a little about myself. I went to university what seems like many moons ago and left with what I went for a degree in English Literature, I would love to tell you that I got a first class honours one but I didn't just a 2/1 still perhaps if I hadn't seen it as a time miles away from home and partying more than studying then things may have turned out a tad differently but even getting a 2/1 wasn't easy. After University I went to a secretarial college and had a blast there to. I worked for many different companies because you always think the grass is greener, sometimes it is and other times you wish you hadn't been tempted. I think the best job I had was with CBS records, loved working there and the long lunch breaks were fabulous and after a while a few people left to go to different labels and I blagged a job in A & R, artists and relations. Which meant on the bonus side I had my own secretary and went to more gigs than you can ever imagine. Think you could call that a result.

Reading this you may think that I come over as being a bit quirky and frankly you would be right, no point in taking things too seriously all the time but I do like going out and meeting new people and chatting and in general the guys love talking to me because I am one of those really easy people to talk to and a very good listener and raconteur myself. I also would consider myself a bit of a Ladette not as in the noun of being noisy and boisterous but I do love my football and my passion is for my local Premier League team of Chelsea. So if you want to take me with you to a game then please knock yourselves out, just love football.

I won't lie to you and say that I am in my naughty 40's gone over that line now and in my early 50's, never understood why someone would lie about their age but I truly believe all the escorts that I have ever had the fortune and misfortune to have met all take at least ten years off their lives and men aren't stupid if they see you advertising for years and age up one year then that has to be the truth. Truth is important to me because lies will always find you out. Age when you reach your 50's trust me is no longer just a number and that is why I do feel that I would have a better connection with someone more my age, think you also would agree. Although I would see someone younger but not below 30. It's nothing personal just my choice!

Liz Hilton Your Luxury Lover